Free Photography License Agreement

Version 2.01

  • The Free Photography License Agreement ("FPLA") is incorporated into and forms part of OneLeft Media's general Terms & Conditions. Please read it carefully. Downloading and/or using an image from OneLeft Media constitutes the acceptance of the latest version of the FPLA as well as OneLeft Media's general Terms & Conditions. 
  • Conditioned on your continued compliance with OneLeft Media's Terms & Conditions, OneLeft Media grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive copyright license to download, reproduce, display, adapt, edit, and use images offered under this License. The License includes commercial and non-commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing OneLeft Media.
  • This license explicitly excludes the right to:
    • sell the images;
    • claim the images as your own;
    • use images from OneLeft Media to replicate a similar or competing service;
    • redistribute the original images;
    • upload the images to stock photo websites or other databases;
    • include the original photos in collections with the intention to redistribute;
    • use the photos for illegal purposes, abusive behavior, in connection with spam, or any other use that might harm the good reputation of OneLeft  Media or humanity in general.