OneLeft Media

strategic design for ambitious creatives


My name is Lior Mazliah. I'm a communication designer. I specialize in minimalistic and easy to use concepts for ambitious creatives. My work has a strong inclination towards simplicity, a sharp focus on integrity, and an idiosyncratic approach towards branding, marketing and information architecture.


design philosophy

I'm a proponent of minimal as a design philosophy. My attitude towards design in general is very simple. It is my strong belief that a design must have a clear purpose long before discussing style and looks. Design existing for its own sake makes as little sense to me as using a form or style 'just because it looks nice'. In a true minimal design philosophy form should always follow function so that aesthetic beauty can only exist as a result of a purposeful design and never as a goal in and of itself.


photography & video production

Aesthetic photography and video production are an integral part of my workflow. I use custom artwork to create projects with a distinctive character as well as a powerful presence.